temporary blindness

Don’t you just love sweeps season stunts?  Last night on The Mentalist, Patrick Jane experienced one of my favorite TV tropes, temporary blindness.  You know, where at the beginning of the episode you’re injured in such a way that you temporarily lose your vision but suffer no other ill effects, some villain takes advantage of this to (unsuccessfully) try to kill you, and at the end of the episode your vision returns to 20/20.  Jane hit all of these requirements.  He even had to drive a car while blind to try to escape the bad guy.

I was trying to think of other great temporary blindness episodes – there’s a pretty good list here, which includes Hawkeye’s temporary blindness episode in M*A*S*H and Spock’s in Star Trek: TOS as well as some I hadn’t thought of, but it doesn’t include the Law & Order: SVU episode where Elliot loses his vision.  (Edited to add: it does now, thanks to me.)  You know one show I’m surprised to realize didn’t ever do a temporary blindness episode?  Starsky & Hutch.  I feel like they hit just about every other possible trope there is, including temporary involuntary drug addiction and someone’s-been-poisoned-and-has-24-hours-to-find-the-antidote-before-he-croaks.  Starsky & Hutch is a delicious guilty pleasure of a show.