give the man his node already

Apparently Stephen Colbert has been campaigning to get Node 3 of the International Space Station named after himself – NASA was having an Internet poll in which people could suggest ideas, and of course “Stephen Colbert” promptly won once Stephen put the word out among his followers.  It saddens me that I haven’t been watching the Report regularly enough lately to follow the drama on his show as it unfolds, but now NASA is waffling about whether they’re actually going to abide by the poll results.

C’mon, NASA.  The man already has a species of trapdoor spider named after him, and you’ve been trying to show how you’re all hip lately, what with that MMORPG and all – could there be a better way to show your hipness than naming something after Stephen?

neil gaiman and stephen colbert

Enjoy.  I’m particularly impressed by Stephen’s ability to quote obscure Lord of the Rings passages from memory.

some newsy tidbits

Rather than posting about each of these items separately, I decided to do a somewhat random news roundup.  So here I present Things Recently of Interest to Rebecca.

  • Neil Gaiman is going to be on the Colbert Report tonight.  This news was greeted by roomie and myself with lots of excited screaming.  One of my favorite people being interviewed by ANOTHER of my favorite people?  Awesome!
  • Wil Wheaton apparently had an audition for a TV pilot recently.  I know that having an audition for a pilot is a far far cry from actually being on a TV show – first he would have to get the part, and then the pilot would have to be picked up by a network – but isn’t it a fun thought?  I love Wil Wheaton and it would be great to see him cast as a regular in a TV series where he’s not, you know, Wesley Crusher.
  • The Sci Fi channel is changing its name to Syfy.  Apparently this is so they can “broad[en] perceptions and embrac[e] a wider and more diverse range of imagination-based entertainment including fantasy, paranormal, reality, mystery, action and adventure, as well as science fiction.”  Umm… okay, whatever.