chicks making out ≠ diversity

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it’s seems like there’s a growing number of bisexual women being portrayed on TV recently.  Some examples:

  • When Angela broke up with Hodgins on Bones last fall, her rebound was an old flame named Roxie – which was a bit of a surprise to some fans since she’d never been portrayed dating a woman or mentioned being bi on three previous seasons of the show.
  • “Thirteen” on House has slept around with quite a few women, though she’s dating a man (Foreman) at the moment.
  • Callie on Grey’s Anatomy – yes, I KNOW that strictly speaking she’s a lesbian, not bi, but this is something new she discovered this season after previously being involved with men.

My first thought when I noticed all this way, hooray!  I am all for diversity on my TV shows – I want to see men and women, gay and straight, black, white, Asian, I want to see a reflection of the actual world.  But I gradually began to realize there’s something else entirely going on here.

When these sort of characters are added to TV shows, network executives can pat themselves on the backs for their positive portrayals of homosexuality.  But the thing is, all of these characters are women who also sleep with (or have slept with) men.  They far outnumber gay men, or women who never sleep with men.  They also all tend to be hot and promiscuous.  And in the end, what’s really happening is increased objectification of women.

Hot chicks making out with each other is not diversity.  Hot chicks making out with each other is an adolescent male fantasy.  And when the women in question have also been involved with men, the fantasy is even better, because a guy can daydream about getting some of that himself.

Has anyone else noticed this??  I’d love to hear other examples.