still detoxing from fotc

If you, like me, are still wishing there was just a bit more Flight of the Conchords out there somewhere so that you could get another fix, you’re in luck.  Turns out Mel has her very own video blog!  All the clips are worth watching for the true FotC fan, but my favorite has got to be the one from March 16 (at the top of the site as of today), thanks to Doug’s lurking in the background and commenting.  I love Doug.  I think he may be my favorite character, other than Bret, and Jemaine, and Murray.

a flight of the conchords post-mortem

Now that this show has, as far as anyone can tell, ridden off into the New Zealand sunset, I find myself mulling over just what it was that made it so fabulous.  Of course it’s easy to say “the songs!” (or even just “the lulz!”) and leave it at that, but the truth is, as fun as the music was it wasn’t the only thing that made FotC, the TV show, great.

The subtle, deadpan humor made such a great contrast to the over-the-top musical numbers, and the two leads didn’t hog all the great lines – Murray, Mel, Dave, and even less-important characters like Doug and Greg all made contributions.  And that’s not even mentioning all the excellent guest characters, like Jemaine’s friend the mugger, the Crazy Dogggz, the members of the Tough Brets, Brian the Prime Minister, all the various girlfriends… each one was a memorable part of the show.

Another thing I always loved was the attention to detail.  I mean, even the costumes are part of the humor – Jemaine’s denim shirts, Bret’s penguin-print pajamas, Murray’s 1970s suits.  Whoever was in charge of this sort of thing clearly made a big effort at continuity, and continuity warms the cockles of my TV-lovin’ heart.  Whether it was Bret’s hair-helmet or Jemaine’s “camera phone,” the same little site gags would pop up over and over again, rewarding consistent viewers and making the Conchords’ world feel like a real (if bizarre) place.

Any successful show has a lot of elements that make it what it is.  In any case, my Sunday nights will seem empty without my weekly dose of Bret and Jemaine.

flight of the conchords 2×10: evicted

Part of me is pretty sure that if the boys come up with new material there’s a chance this show could be revived in the future, but take note: that was how you do a series finale.

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flight of the conchords 2×09: wingmen

Am I right in thinking there’s only one more episode left?  I can’t believe Conchords is almost over (at least, in TV show form).  Anyway, this week returned to the guys’ bizarre dating life, and it was Bret’s turn to see some action after Jemaine’s escapades with the Australian girl and the Art Garfunkel groupie.

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catching up part 2: comedies!

If the past week’s worth of TV drama was a big slice of chocolate cake, then the comedies were the swirl of whipped cream on top of the cake, which I have now slurped up with gusto.

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flight of the conchords 2×07: prime minister

Flight of the Conchords rarely disappoints, and last night was no exception.  One has to wonder, though, what (if anything) the actual government of New Zealand thinks of this show, because last night we were introduced to Brian, the Prime Minister of New Zealand – apparently he’s a fan of fondue and the Matrix, can’t tell a Barack Obama impersonator from the real thing, and carries cards with the name “John” on them because they were printed up for the last prime minister and the government can’t afford to just let them go to waste.  Hey, kids, this show is educational and fun!  If it weren’t for this I wouldn’t know anything about New Zealand’s head of state.  (For the record, it’s actually this guy.)

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