top ten trailer recuts

Of all the entertaining crack to be found on YouTube, some of my favorites are fan-made versions of movie trailers.  Here are ten of the best ones.  Don’t start watching one while drinking soda unless you want it to come spurting out of your nose!

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which is geekier…

…The fact that someone took the time to write a history of Star Trek title fonts, complete with screencaps and video, or the fact that I actually read it?  I tell you, sometimes I shake my head at my own dorkiness.

Edited to add: just in case any truly rabid Trekkies happen to read this, please believe that I write it with love; I’m one of you, after all.

doctor who fanvid of the day: friday

Okay, I am totally cheating because this is not really a Doctor Who fanvid so much as a David Tennant fanvid… but it does use a lot of clips from Doctor Who.  And it makes me happy.  So there.  I am shameless.

Music: “You Sexy Thing,” by Hot Chocolate
Vid by Thebigbluemeany

doctor who fanvid of the day: thursday

This is probably the single best Doctor Who vid I have ever seen.  It also hold a special place in my heart for introducing me to Flobots, who are now one of my favorite bands.

Music: “Handlebars,” by Flobots
Vid by Flummery

doctor who fanvid of the day: wednesday

This one is, sadly, unfinished.  But what there is of it is awesome.

Music: “Time Warp,” from Rocky Horror Picture Show
Vid by Thebigbluemeany

doctor who fanvid of the day: tuesday

I couldn’t do a week of Doctor Who fanvids without posting one shippy Doctor/Rose one – sorry.  In my mind, “At the Beginning” will always be the Doctor and Rose’s song, and this is the best vid I’ve found to it.

Music: “At the Beginning,” from the Anastasia soundtrack
Vid by TessaTracy

doctor who fanvid of the day: monday

“Your lord and master stands on high!”  We all know the Master’s a little power hungry.  He’d really, really like to rule the world.  He’s looking forward to it.  In fact, you might even say, he, uh, can’t wait to be king.

Music: “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” from The Lion King
Vid by rattehzspoof

i watched the watchmen last night

[Note: a proper review will be up sometime later today or tonight, but for now, this is just my experience of seeing the movie.]

There are some movies that need to be experienced at midnight, in a theater full of geeks.  Watchmen is one of those movies.  If you’re a geek and you didn’t have your butt in a movie theater chair at 12:00 AM this morning, you missed out.

We arrived at the theater about an hour and a half early, picked up our tickets, and then headed over to the comic book store next door, which was staying open late to cater to all the Watchmen fans.  I was mildly disappointed that they were sold out of the Star Trek prequel comics, but it was fun just looking around and chatting with the guys that worked there.  Roomie and I were the only girls in the store.

Finally we went back to the theater to buy some snacks and stake out our seats.  I was actually really disappointed with the lack of people in costume – there was just one guy who came as Dr. Manhattan, with this really odd-looking blue bald cap.  So even though I’d brought my camera I didn’t end up taking any photos.  We kept running into people we knew, though.  The local geek community was out in force.

Finally it was trailer time… yay!  Can you guess which one I was super super excited about?  It was fun to hear everyone in the theater calling out their judgements of the movies being advertised.  Angels and Demons?  “Lame!”  Knowing, that Nicholas Cage movie?  “Lame!”  Star Trek?  “Not lame!” someone shouted.  Glad to hear my baby getting that vote of approval from the crowd.  I actually like this Star Trek trailer a lot better than the first one – you can see it here.

And then the screen turned that distinctive Watchmen yellow.

Almost three hours later, the lights came up and we all made our way back out through the lobby to the car, listening to all the animated conversations about this bit and that bit.  One of my friends wondered if we should wait, just in case there was a surprise scene after the credits.  No, I told him.  That was the end.  You can’t add an extra scene to Watchmen.

It was 4 AM by the time I got to bed, but it was totally worth it.  And so far, I haven’t been stricken with boils or turned into a toad, so maybe Alan Moore didn’t put a curse on everyone who went to see the movie (as we’d halfway feared).  Life is good.  And I’m already trying to figure out when I’ll have time to see it a second time.


I just joined StumbleUpon, and at first I was a little dubious about the whole concept, but if it leads me to sites like this it must be a good thing.

Yes, I’m pretty sure “People Who Write Erotic Versions of Star Trek Where All the Characters Are Furries, Like Kirk is an Ocelot or Something, and They Put a Furry Version of Themselves as the Star of the Story” are about as geeky as it gets.