doctor who fanvid of the day: tuesday

I couldn’t do a week of Doctor Who fanvids without posting one shippy Doctor/Rose one – sorry.  In my mind, “At the Beginning” will always be the Doctor and Rose’s song, and this is the best vid I’ve found to it.

Music: “At the Beginning,” from the Anastasia soundtrack
Vid by TessaTracy


doctor who fanvid of the day: monday

“Your lord and master stands on high!”  We all know the Master’s a little power hungry.  He’d really, really like to rule the world.  He’s looking forward to it.  In fact, you might even say, he, uh, can’t wait to be king.

Music: “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” from The Lion King
Vid by rattehzspoof

submerged dalek discovered in britain

Volunteers clearing rubbish out of a pond in England uncovered an actual Dalek!  Okay, the article says it was probably left behind by a Doctor Who production crew back in the Colin Baker days.  But I’d rather see this as evidence that Daleks, and therefore the Doctor himself, actually exist.  Clearly this is an artifact from a past attempted Dalek invasion of the UK.

doctor who: seeds of doom

I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, but most of my experience has been with the new series – that is, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant.  Recently a friend of mine decided to introduce me to Tom Baker, and I just got back from finishing the 1976 serial Seeds of Doom with her.  The official summary of this story on the BBC website is “a crazed botanist brings a deadly alien plant to life.”  A crazed botanist!

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