EW’s review of Watchmen is out.

I just got through re-reading the chapter with Doctor Manhattan’s backstory.  Three more days.  I’m dyin’ here.

re-reading watchmen

When I first read the Watchmen graphic novel about a year ago, I could easily see why it looms so large in the history of the superhero genre.  I liked it well enough, enough to be super psyched about the idea of a movie, but I knew that to really appreciate everything that was there would take more than one reading.

So, with the movie coming out this week I decided it was time to pick it up again.  And WOW.  It’s gone from “yeah, I can see why this is so highly regarded” to “OHMYGOD this is amazing.”

Nite Owl, Rorschach, and Doctor Manhattan, the three central characters, are so complex; part of what makes the story so compelling is that there’s no real clear-cut good guy.  But in a way, the most vivid character of all is the alternate version of New York City they inhabit.  This time through, when I already know where the story is going, I’m taking the time to notice all the little details: the graffiti, the newspaper headlines, the advertisements.  The city is a living, breathing thing, with fast food joints and gangs and gossip.  Dan has his front door lock repaired by the “Gordian Knot Lock Company.”  I LOLed.

I am so very very excited for this movie.  I’m seeing it at midnight Thursday night.  I can’t wait.