castle 1×03: hedge fund homeboys

This episode was a big, big improvement over last week.  The murder case was confusing (in a good way) and the B-story wisely focused on what’s shaping up to be the most interesting aspect of the show: Rick Castle’s relationship with his daughter.

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castle 1×02: nanny mcdead

What I liked: Kate’s wardrobe is pretty great (loved that red coat) and, as someone living in a dormitory, I thought the banter about laundry room ethics was pretty funny.  I also liked the way Castle’s family life was fleshed out – his mom clearly comes from the Lucille Bluth school of parenting, and I’m also starting to take back what I said last week about Castle’s relationship with his daughter.  It’s actually pretty cute.

What I didn’t like: the pacing of this episode was just not good, to the point where despite the fact that the mystery story itself was decent, the episode did a really poor job of holding my attention.  I don’t know whether to blame this on the writer, the director, or what, but the bottom line is there’s already a glut on the market of quirky crime-solving dramas and if this one doesn’t improve, it’s not going to make it.  The chemistry between the leads is there, but that’s not enough to make a show work.

Nathan Fillion, this is not worthy of you.  Please get yourself cast in something better after Castle inevitably gets cancelled.  My roommate thinks (and I agree) that you could be the next Harrison Ford if only studio execs would notice you and start putting you in the right roles.

castle pilot

I know I’m a little late with this but I was out of town when the episode actually aired, so: YAY!!!  Nathan Fillion is back on TV!

My initial impression is that Castle could be completely forgettable (it is, after all, a baldfaced rip-off of Bones and about a dozen other shows) if not for Nathan.  Kate is somewhat interesting, enough so that by midway through the episode I was starting to yell advice at her through the screen (like, “Come ON, Kate, you’re too smart for his tricks!”), but the other cop characters are pretty much blanks at this point – since this was only the pilot, there’s plenty of time to flesh them out later, but right now I don’t really remember any names or particular attributes for any of them.  I did like the daughter, but her relationship with Castle made me a bit uncomfortable, because in the real world the parent trying to be the kid’s cool buddy never works.  It’s fun to watch on screen, but really Castle comes across as a pretty poor father, one likely to be discussed at length in his daughter’s therapy sessions around the time she’s in college.

Nathan, though.  NATHAN!  And his FACE!  I do love that man.  He’s just a joy to watch.  The other thing that caught my eye was how stylishly the crime scene with the flowers was shot.  I have a weakness for nice aesthetic camera angles and swoopiness and good use of colors and whatnot.  Keep that up.

I will definitely be turning into tomorrow for the second episode, and I’m already looking forward to the inevitable either-Kate-or-Castle-is-in-peril-and-the-other-one-is-worried episode that will be coming at some later point.  Please, please, Fox.  Give this show a little time.  Maybe, just maybe, there is room for one more quirky crime-solving drama on prime time network TV.

castle preview

Nathan Fillion’s new show, Castle, premieres next Monday, but in the meantime you can check out an extended preview here.  And also a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff with Nathanface.  Good times.

abc is actually promoting castle!

There’s an incredible glut of quirky crime dramas on TV right now (see: The Mentalist, Lie to Me, Life, Bones, Psych, Monk, Numb3rs, etc., etc., etc.), but here’s hoping there’s an audience for more: Castle premieres next week on ABC, and I’m incredible excited about having Nathan Fillion back on my television screen.

To my joy, ABC is actually promoting it – so many shows I love seem to get ignored by their networks.  There’s a full page ad in this week’s Entertainment Weekly magazine, and there are ads for it popping up on TV and around the internet.  Nathan!  As a sleazebucket murder mystery author!  Solving crimes!  I’ll be there with bells on.