abc is actually promoting castle!

There’s an incredible glut of quirky crime dramas on TV right now (see: The Mentalist, Lie to Me, Life, Bones, Psych, Monk, Numb3rs, etc., etc., etc.), but here’s hoping there’s an audience for more: Castle premieres next week on ABC, and I’m incredible excited about having Nathan Fillion back on my television screen.

To my joy, ABC is actually promoting it – so many shows I love seem to get ignored by their networks.  There’s a full page ad in this week’s Entertainment Weekly magazine, and there are ads for it popping up on TV and around the internet.  Nathan!  As a sleazebucket murder mystery author!  Solving crimes!  I’ll be there with bells on.

this is a bit creepy

First saw this ad on Hulu.  The One Laptop per Child foundation is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but… John Lennon is dead.  And using his voice and image like this is kind of creepy.