30 rock 3×15: the bubble

Okay, I’m pretty sure Liz may just have become the first woman in the history of dating to break up with a man because he is too handsome, but it made for a hilarious resolution to Jon Hamm’s storyline.  (Goodbye!  You’ll be missed!)  Liz discovered that he’d gotten special treatment his whole life due to his good looks, and when she decided she was going to do the right thing and teach him how average-looking people live, things went south.

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catching up part 2: comedies!

If the past week’s worth of TV drama was a big slice of chocolate cake, then the comedies were the swirl of whipped cream on top of the cake, which I have now slurped up with gusto.

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30 rock 3×13: goodbye, my friend

Pete, I’ve missed you!  Hornberger was finally given something to do in this episode, even it was mostly just following Liz around and nagging her about her poor life choices regarding the pregnant teenager she’d picked up in a donut shop.  Oh, Liz.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how you go about adopting a baby.

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