what makes star trek, star trek?

According to this article from TrekMovie.com, the writers of the new Star Trek movie have promised that we will see all of the following in the film at some point.

  • McCoy saying “Damnit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a [whatever]!”
  • Scotty having an “I’m giving it all I’ve got, Cap’n!” moment
  • Kirk cheating on the Kobayashi Maru test
  • A bitch fight (okay, the phrase they used was “insult fight”) between Spock and McCoy

This list pretty much proves to me that these guys do “get” Star Trek.  I’m so excited to see this movie.  Quinto’s Spock and Urban’s McCoy in a TOS-style battle of the wits!  That’s going to be a joy to watch.


a flight of the conchords post-mortem

Now that this show has, as far as anyone can tell, ridden off into the New Zealand sunset, I find myself mulling over just what it was that made it so fabulous.  Of course it’s easy to say “the songs!” (or even just “the lulz!”) and leave it at that, but the truth is, as fun as the music was it wasn’t the only thing that made FotC, the TV show, great.

The subtle, deadpan humor made such a great contrast to the over-the-top musical numbers, and the two leads didn’t hog all the great lines – Murray, Mel, Dave, and even less-important characters like Doug and Greg all made contributions.  And that’s not even mentioning all the excellent guest characters, like Jemaine’s friend the mugger, the Crazy Dogggz, the members of the Tough Brets, Brian the Prime Minister, all the various girlfriends… each one was a memorable part of the show.

Another thing I always loved was the attention to detail.  I mean, even the costumes are part of the humor – Jemaine’s denim shirts, Bret’s penguin-print pajamas, Murray’s 1970s suits.  Whoever was in charge of this sort of thing clearly made a big effort at continuity, and continuity warms the cockles of my TV-lovin’ heart.  Whether it was Bret’s hair-helmet or Jemaine’s “camera phone,” the same little site gags would pop up over and over again, rewarding consistent viewers and making the Conchords’ world feel like a real (if bizarre) place.

Any successful show has a lot of elements that make it what it is.  In any case, my Sunday nights will seem empty without my weekly dose of Bret and Jemaine.

give the man his node already

Apparently Stephen Colbert has been campaigning to get Node 3 of the International Space Station named after himself – NASA was having an Internet poll in which people could suggest ideas, and of course “Stephen Colbert” promptly won once Stephen put the word out among his followers.  It saddens me that I haven’t been watching the Report regularly enough lately to follow the drama on his show as it unfolds, but now NASA is waffling about whether they’re actually going to abide by the poll results.

C’mon, NASA.  The man already has a species of trapdoor spider named after him, and you’ve been trying to show how you’re all hip lately, what with that MMORPG and all – could there be a better way to show your hipness than naming something after Stephen?

jumping (belatedly) on the bandwagon

I always lag behind the times as far as what’s hip in music.  I love music, it’s an important part of my life, but I like what I like and generally don’t go out of my way to keep up with the latest thing.  The downside of this is that by the time I do discover something awesome that’s new to me, everyone else already knows about it and has talked it to death and there’s nothing I can contribute to the conversation.

Case in point: Fleet Foxes.  I came across a free download of their song “He Doesn’t Know Why” a couple months ago, listened to it a few times, and didn’t give it much thought.  But everyone seems to be talking about this band, so I finally bothered to check out the entire album.  This morning I was out in the woods by myself for a while working on something, and I put their album on my iPod.  Wow.  Why have I not been listening to them for months already?

I think the setting really added something to it, too.  Not that it wouldn’t be great no matter where you’re listening to it, but being in the woods, with the music playing softly enough that I could still hear the honks of the geese flying overhead… that was definitely the right atmosphere.

In conclusion, Fleet Foxes = awesome.

castle 1×03: hedge fund homeboys

This episode was a big, big improvement over last week.  The murder case was confusing (in a good way) and the B-story wisely focused on what’s shaping up to be the most interesting aspect of the show: Rick Castle’s relationship with his daughter.

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intrigued by doctor who promo pics

I know next to nothing about the actual plot of the upcoming Doctor Who Easter special, Planet of the Dead*, but these photos are enough to make me look forward to it.  There’s a bus!  And what looks like Tatooine!  And aliens with insect heads!  And the Doctor is wearing sunglasses!  Count me in.

*What, are we just recycling bits from previous Tenth Doctor episode titles now?  Is the next special going to be “Forest of the Ood”?

flight of the conchords 2×10: evicted

Part of me is pretty sure that if the boys come up with new material there’s a chance this show could be revived in the future, but take note: that was how you do a series finale.

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