recasting state of play

The BBC miniseries State of Play has been on my to-watch list for some time now.  I haven’t gotten around to actually watching it yet, but even so I know it must be awesome, because it has pretty much every single one of my favorite BBC actors except David Tennant in it.  I definitely need to make time to see it before the American remake comes out later this year.

When the original BBC cast was so amazing, how do you recast it with Hollywood types without losing that high level of awesomeness?  Whoever did the casting for the remake really rose to the challenge.  Allow me to explain.

John Simm

  • I know him as… Sam Tyler in the original version of Life on Mars, and the most recent incarnation of the Master on Doctor Who.
  • His character’s been recast as…Russell Crowe.  How awesome is that?

David Morrissey

  • I know him as…Ripley Holden from Blackpool (remade for America as the ill-fated Viva Laughlin), and the “other Doctor” from the most recent Doctor Who Christmas special.
  • His character’s been recast as…Ben Affleck.  Yeah, just the right touch of sleaziness.

Marc Warren

  • I know him as… Elton in the Doctor Who episode “Love and Monsters.”  He also guest-starred on one episode of the original Life on Mars.
  • His character’s been recast as…Jason Bateman.  Spot-on.  Apparently in the movie version of State of Play, Jason Bateman is going to have a blonde mohawk.

Philip Glenister

  • I know him as… Gene Hunt in the original version of Life on Mars and its sequel, Ashes to Ashes.
  • His character’s been recast as…Harry Lennix, a.k.a. Boyd from Dollhouse.  SWEET.  Exchanging one extremely bad-ass law enforcement type for another.

Looking forward to this movie.

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