life 2×19: 5 quarts

According to River Tam, the human body can be drained of blood in 6.8 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems.  Good news for this week’s blood-stealing murderer, as it meant they had plenty of time left over to get away.  Seriously, this show always has the strangest murders – remember the woman wearing angel wings who was thrown off a building?  And the buried Zen master with the flower and the “I’m With Stupid” t-shirt?  Well no, you probably don’t, seeing as how I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the universe who actually watches this tragically underrated show.

This week found Charlie and new-girl Jane investigating the death of this unlucky bloodless guy, who happened to work at the coroner’s office; an interesting twist, since it made all the people who worked there suspects, throwing every murder case they’d handled into doubt.  The mystery even included the classic melting-murder-weapon-made-of-ice trope.

Oh, Charlie.  Such a complex character.  When he’s meeting with Bodner, trying to get to the bottom of the show’s overarching conspiracy, we see a different and much more bad-ass side of him then we generally see when he’s on the job as a cop.  He plays everything so close to the chest; seeing how calmly he lied to cover for Tidwell and Dani when Jane asked about their relationship was interesting, as was his revelation that there aren’t a lot of people close to him.  “I guess there should be more… but I’ve been away.”

Meanwhile, Ted’s storyline was wandering off in a completely unrelated direction.  He was reconnecting with his estranged daughter, and their emotional conversation was (to my surprise) played mostly for laughs; seeing Ted dissolve into sobs when he learned he has a grandson named after him is just weird (and if you look closely, I think both actors are actually trying not to laugh).  But like Charlie, prison left him with a stone-cold brutality he can pull out unexpectedly, as when he went to see his daughter’s deadbeat ex at the end of the episode.

In the final scenes, we saw Charlie and Dani both making the decision to tear up the photos that had caused them to doubt each other.  (And Dani was listening to one of Charlie’s Zen tapes – squee!)  I love how far those two have come since the beginning of the show, when Dani’s attitude toward Charlie could best be described as mistrust and hostility.  But at the very end, when Dani was taken away in that van, supposedly to participate in an FBI investigation in San Diego – were they really taking her where they said they were???  I’m suddenly very concerned for Dani’s safety.

Also: “exsanguinated” may be my new favorite word.  Right up there with “defenestration” and “schadenfreude.”


  • Charlie: “Your scene.  Is it Goth?  It is, isn’t it?”
    Goth Girl: “I don’t have a scene.”
    Charlie: “We all have a scene.”
    Goth Girl: “Yeah?  What’s yours?”
    Charlie: “It’s… complicated.  Like a puzzle.  With a missing piece.”
  • Ted [to his daughter]: “Your eyes are very red.  You’re not on drugs?  I’m not prying, this is a legal matter, I’m on parole.”
  • Charlie [trying to recreate a murder scene]: “Pretend I’m dead.”
    Jane: “Should I pretend to be sad?”


  1. does anyone know the name of the actress that plays ann, ted’s daughter?

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