jumping (belatedly) on the bandwagon

I always lag behind the times as far as what’s hip in music.  I love music, it’s an important part of my life, but I like what I like and generally don’t go out of my way to keep up with the latest thing.  The downside of this is that by the time I do discover something awesome that’s new to me, everyone else already knows about it and has talked it to death and there’s nothing I can contribute to the conversation.

Case in point: Fleet Foxes.  I came across a free download of their song “He Doesn’t Know Why” a couple months ago, listened to it a few times, and didn’t give it much thought.  But everyone seems to be talking about this band, so I finally bothered to check out the entire album.  This morning I was out in the woods by myself for a while working on something, and I put their album on my iPod.  Wow.  Why have I not been listening to them for months already?

I think the setting really added something to it, too.  Not that it wouldn’t be great no matter where you’re listening to it, but being in the woods, with the music playing softly enough that I could still hear the honks of the geese flying overhead… that was definitely the right atmosphere.

In conclusion, Fleet Foxes = awesome.


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