castle 1×03: hedge fund homeboys

This episode was a big, big improvement over last week.  The murder case was confusing (in a good way) and the B-story wisely focused on what’s shaping up to be the most interesting aspect of the show: Rick Castle’s relationship with his daughter.

The murder involved a group of privileged prep-school teens, one of whom was shot in Central Park.  Was it a drug deal gone wrong?  Was it suicide?  Was it an accident?  Was it one of the kids?  Over and over again Castle and Beckett thought they had it figured out only to realize there was a whole in their theory and have to start again.  The pacing was much improved over last week’s case, keeping the tension high throughout.  One thing – I almost wish Kate had been telling the truth about going to a private prep school herself, because that would have been an interesting twist on her backstory.  Also, I continue to drool over Kate Beckett’s wardrobe.

I want her coat.  And her hat.  And her scarf.  How can she afford to look so gorgeous on a cop's salary?

I want her coat. And her hat. And her scarf. How can she afford to look so gorgeous on a cop's salary?

Dealing with a case concerning an a dead, drug-using affluent teen made Castle antsy about his daughter, Alexis.  But guess what?  Turns out her only deep, dark secret is that she once jumped the turnstyle at a subway station to ride the train without paying (and the next day she swiped her card twice to make up for it).  It’s so refreshing to see a teenager on television who’s mature and well-adjusted and not full of angst.  I’m curious about her mother (who was not, apparently, Castle’s publisher, but an ex-wife from before her); she must have been a pretty awful parent for Castle to have gotten custody, with his lifestyle.


  • Castle: “Reading the paper?  You are going to lose all of your wired teen hyper-texting nano gizmo street cred.”
    Alexis: “I’m a rebel.  I kick it old school.”
  • Castle: “Did you know in the original Greek ‘tragedy’ literally means ‘goat song’?  I know, it doesn’t make any sense to me either.  Whatever that first story was, I can’t help but think bad things must have happened to that goat.”

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