confession time

I’ve been a fan of the Beatles since I was about fifteen, I have the lyrics to many of their songs memorized, I even went to a sing-along showing of Across the Universe…

And I just now realized that the spelling of “the Beatles” is a play on the musical term “beat.”

Um.  Excuse me while I go crawl under a rock for a bit.


  1. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    Actually this is how John Lennon said they came up with the name:

    “Many people ask what are Beatles? Why Beatles? Ugh, Beatles, how did the name arrive? So we will tell you. It came in a vision – a man appeared on a flaming pie and said unto them ‘From this day on you are Beatles with an ‘A’. Thank you, mister man, they said, thanking him.”

    • Oh John. That makes me feel a bit better. I was reading a list of parallels between the Beatles and the fictional band in That Thing You Do, the Wonders, and it claimed that the original spelling of the Wonders (the “Oneders”) was a play on the Beatles, which was a play on the word “beat.”

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