top ten trailer recuts

Of all the entertaining crack to be found on YouTube, some of my favorites are fan-made versions of movie trailers.  Here are ten of the best ones.  Don’t start watching one while drinking soda unless you want it to come spurting out of your nose!

10.  Lawrence of Arabia Recut, by portsnoy: this is one of the great classic movies of all time… and yet just speeding up the film a bit and adding swing music makes it into something else entirely.

9. Brokeback Mount Doom, by 2afc: the hobbits are on a journey to Brokeback Mountain.  There are a number of variations on this idea floating around but this is among the best.  Because really, if you have any experience at all with slash fandom, it’s impossible to watch LotR without wincing at Sam and Frodo’s scenes together.

8.  Titanic: The Sequel, by mrderekjohnson: what if they kept looking for that diamond in the wreckage of the ship… and found Jack frozen in a block of ice?  It makes no sense.  But it’s hilarious.

7.  Anakin T. Kirk, by GeneralGrin: with my big Trekkie-ness, I had to put at least one Star Trek mash-up on this list, so here it is.  Hopefully the new Star Trek movie will fare better than certain other sci-fi franchise prequels…

6. Scary Mary, by moviemker: what if your cheerful but mysterious new nanny was actually trying to kill you?

5.  X-Men 3: The Last Standing Ovation, by chocolatecakecity: what if Wolverine’s mysterious past isn’t what we think?  What if it’s actually more like… Hugh Jackman’s past?  Wait for Xavier’s line about Logan’s movements being inexplicably erratic.  It will make your day.

4. 10 Things I Hate About Commandments, by Vayabobo: because teen comedies and Bible stories clearly have so much in common.  The best bit in this one is “Principal Firebush.”

3.  Pride & Prejudice, Harry Potter Style, by KarliMeaghan: featuring Hermione Granger as Elizabeth Bennett and Ronald Weasley as Fitzwilliam Darcy.  Check out how well the Pride & Prejudice dialogue is synced with the Harry Potter clips.

2.  Watchmen & WALL-E, by TM2Megatron: truly inspired!  It’s amazing how much a different soundtrack can alter the tone of something.

1.  Must Love Jaws, by Vayabobo: from the same folks who made 10 Things I Hate About Commandments comes a story of two men, one shark, and lots of love.  This is absolutely my favorite fan-made trailer ever.  If it doesn’t make you laugh out loud, you have no soul.

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