bones 4×15: the salt in the wounds

Iiiiiiiiiiinteresting.  Anyone who’s familiar with the spoilers for the end of this season you should be saying, I see what you did there.

This episode found Booth and Bones investigating a pregnancy pact among a group of teen girls, which led to a lot talk about, how modern society has taught women they can’t count on men, whether women really men to raise children, and whether it’s okay for a man to just be a “sperm donor” or whether he’s required to step up and be involved.  Booth argues the latter at the end of the episode when he talks to the boy who fathered four of the girls’ babies, but while I can see where Booth is coming from (he has a lot of issues with paternal responsibility, between his own father’s abusiveness and the fact that the mother of his son refused to marry him), I thought he was being kind of unfair to Clinton.  Yes, Clinton was an ass, but those girls used him, not the other way around.

At the end of this scene, we saw Brennan watching Booth from across the street with a very thoughtful look on her face.  HMMMMMM.  How much you want to bet this was the moment when it first occurs to her [SPOILER ALERT] to ask Booth to donate sperm so that she can have a child without male involvement?

The theme of whether long-term commitment between people in sexual relationships is important was also explored through Angela.  Roxie breaks up with her because she always lives in the moment and “their moment has passed” – and Angela immediately jumps into bed with Hodgins, who handles the whole thing remarkably maturely and tells her they can’t really be together again until she’s willing to consider the future.  (Hodgins is still so in love with her, poor sweetie!  The earring!)  When Angela and Sweets talk for a few minutes during their hilarious undercover mission to the chiropractor’s, he suggests she try to be celibate for six months to see how she relates to other people when sex isn’t in the mix.

I also found the Muslim intern interesting – but not in a good way.  I refuse to believe that was the actor’s actual accent; no well-educated person from the Middle East would have an accent that strong, but here the accent was played up for comedic effect.  Plus, I found everyone’s “OMG a Muslim!!!” attitude very annoying.  Brennan gets a pass for her bad attitude (she really does find all religions equally irrational), but Cam and Angela had no excuse.  Guys, I have a close friend who’s Muslim, and Muslims are just people like everyone else.  And you know what?  As the characters on the show learned, there are even some Muslims who heads don’t explode where they’re in the same room as a gay person.  (Angela, I’m looking at you and your “are you to start quoting the Koran?” snark.  Brennan’s “her boyfriend is a girl” comment I actually liked, because of how ready she was to beat up anyone who dared say anything bad about her BFF.)


  • Arastoo [about praying]: “Thank you for your patience.”
    Brennan: “I had no choice.  Apparently it’s a Constitutional issue.”
  • Arastoo: “Significant remodeling of the metacarpal phalangial joint on the right thumb – snap.  An old fracture to the little finger – crack.  And a bone chip at the dorsal radial portion of the left wrist–”
    Hodgins: “Pop?”
  • Brennan: “Pectin is used in making preserves, right?”
    Angela: “Sure.  I remember that from growing up a farm girl in Amish country.”  [LOL, I actually DID grow up in Amish country.]

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