30 rock 3×15: the bubble

Okay, I’m pretty sure Liz may just have become the first woman in the history of dating to break up with a man because he is too handsome, but it made for a hilarious resolution to Jon Hamm’s storyline.  (Goodbye!  You’ll be missed!)  Liz discovered that he’d gotten special treatment his whole life due to his good looks, and when she decided she was going to do the right thing and teach him how average-looking people live, things went south.

I love how Jack is the person Liz goes to for relationship advice – the way they play off each other is so cute.  Jack claimed that he himself lived once in the “bubble” of attractiveness, and when Liz scoffed he showed her a picture of himself as a young man that nearly made her eyes pop out.  This sent me scrambling to Google Images to remind myself what Alec Baldwin looked like as a young man.  Yep, he was smokin’ (and really, he still is, if you ask me).  He did, however, seem to have a truly disturbing amount of chest hair.

Jenna’s storyline was snore-worthy, but I liked Tracy and Kenneth’s: Tracy quits the show and Jack uses his dependency on Kenneth as a ploy to lure him back.  Oh, Kenneth!  Way to stand by your man!


  • Jack: “I like to think of this staff as a family.”
    Tracy: “This is better than a family.  No one around here asks me for my damn bone marrow.”
  • Kenneth: “This is too hard, Mr. Donaghy!  I cannot stand by while Mr. Jordan dies of dehydration in his recording studio!”

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