life 2×18: 3 women

There are so many quirky, “only-in-L.A.” moments on this show.  Last week it was the kinky party on the airplane, this week it was the avante-garde play where one guy played a murderer, his three female victims, and his jail guard.  Mostly, though, the case this week felt like it was hewing closer to reality, and because it focused on ex-convicts, it also let us explore just a bit more of Charlie’s prison experiences.  That opening scene of Charlie and the suspect duking it out in a freight elevator, presented with almost no context, showed us the vicious, brutal side to Charlie’s personality that he usually keeps so tightly controlled.

He got a new temporary partner this week, Jane, a former Olympic athlete with a fifteen-year plan to become mayor.  (Again, only on Life.  Only in L.A.)  Neither Charlie nor Tidwell seem to know what to make of her, and Charlie was very clear with her that she is not actually his partner, because he already has a partner, Dani.

The heartbreaking part was that while Charlie was sticking loyally by his absent partner when dealing with Jane, at home with Ted he was being forced to question whether he can still trust Dani.  Charlie has a photo of Dani with Rayborn, the recently murdered ex-cop who was involved in the conspiracy that sent him to prison, and he has no idea what it might mean.  Was she somehow mixed up in the conspiracy too?  Meanwhile, Dani is at the FBI, where she’s been given a photo of Charlie with Rayborn and is being pressured to help them investigate.  I really hope that in the end they stand by each other.  Dani, you’ve seen Charlie’s unerring moral compass in action.  You know that whatever he’s up to, it’s in pursuit of justice.

There’s some speculation among fandom that Jane may actually be an FBI mole.  How cool would that be!  My one request to the folks in charge of this show would be to give Ted more screentime.  He and Charlie have a unique relationship – since Ted is not a cop, but an ex-con who understands what Charlie went through in prison, he’s the only person in whom Charlie really seems to confide everything going on in his quest to unravel the show’s conspiracy.


  • Charlie: “This is a play you’ve written?”
    Nina: “Yes.”
    Charlie: “About prison?”
    Nina: “It’s about redemption, it just takes place in a prison.”
    Charlie: “Are there any jokes in it?  You should put some jokes in it.”
  • Tidwell [about Jane]: “Maybe she’s a robot.  Have you seen her blink?  Robots don’t blink.”

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