lie to me 1×07: the best policy

I never set out to like this show.  I started watching it out of curiosity because it’s a genre I like.  But damn it, Tim Roth, with your shambling stoop-shouldered gait and your raffish British accent, I think you’ve won me over.  I’m officially a fan.

The creators of this show made a really good decision when they decided to make it about an independent consulting firm instead of cops.  The Lightman Group sometimes works with law enforcement, but not always; rather than just investigating the murder of the week, they work with a variety of clients, like (this week) the State Department and a pharmaceutical company.  Not being cops also means that there’s nothing to stop, say, Eli and Ria from hopping into bed together if it suits the writers’ whims, no rules against partners sleeping together.

This week we met an old friend of Cal’s, Jeffrey, who brought him the case at the pharmaceutical company.  However, when it became apparent that Jeffrey may have been involved in covering up the dangerous side effects of a drug the company was marketing, Cal had to choose between his friendship and the truth.  This made an interesting counterpoint to the ongoing issues in another friendship of Cal’s: that with Gillian.  Since Cal can tell when people are lying, he knows Gillian’s husband is keeping something from her, but Gillian seems to be in denial and Cal doesn’t think it’s his place to tell her.  However, Ria (who can also read lies) keeps badgering Cal about it, and at the end of the episode Cal waits outside the building where Gillian’s husband works and sees him leave with another woman.

What will Cal do now that he knows for sure Gillian’s husband is cheating?  I can’t wait to find out.  I almost wonder if Cal is secretly in love with Gillian himself, and doesn’t trust himself to have Gillian’s best interests at heart rather than a selfish desire of his own to see her marriage fail, but I’m not sure.  It will be interesting to see how this unfolds in the next couple weeks.

Cal Lightman has been drawing a lot of comparisons with another gruff savant on a Fox show, Gregory House, and I can see why.  Cal, however, is actually a lot warmer than House with the people he cares about.  He and Gillian are real grown-ups, whereas House and Cuddy act like middle schoolers around each other.


  • Cal [on Gillian]: “If there’s something she wants to tell me, she will.  Everything else, everything else I see, I ignore.  I trust her to take care of herself.”
  • Jeffrey [to Cal]: “You know something?  For somebody who’s studied emotions their entire life, you really don’t understand them at all.”

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