house 5×18: here kitty

Hugh Laurie.  With a kitty.  HUGH LAURIE HOLDING A KITTY.  Be still my heart.  Also Judy Greer.  Judy Greer + Hugh Laurie holding a kitty = a House episode that Rebecca thoroughly enjoys.  And that opening with the Hot Racer track was pretty sweet.

Judy Greer guest starred as a nurse who became convinced she was terminally ill after a cat who could supposedly predict death slept next to her.  This led to the cat temporarily living in House’s office (he stole lab mice from the oncology department to feed it!) while he tried to figure out whether there was anything to it and used superstitions to mess with his team.  (This was all very entertaining, but seriously, I did spend most of episode going “OMG Hugh Laurie with a kitty!  Hugh Laurie with bedhead!  Hugh Laurie wearing glasses!”  A lot of Hugh Laurie sexiness in this episode.)  Turned out the cat (like all cats) just liked to sleep in warm places and was picking out patients with fevers and electric blankets.

Meanwhile, Taub was missing his life as a glamorous plastic surgeon, and very nearly got sucked in my a scam artist offering him an “investment opportunity.”  I’ve grown to like Taub quite a lot, and I especially enjoy the friendship between Taub and Kutner – they’ve come to be second only to House and Wilson in the amusing banter department.


  • Cuddy: “I’ll give you twenty-four hours.”
    House: “Consecutive?”
  • Kutner [about Taub’s wife]: “She married a guy in one situation, ended up with another, that’s hard on anyone.”
    Taub: “Thanks.  It makes me feel much better, hearing my wife’s a gold-digger.”
    Kutner: “No, I just meant she married this master-of-the-universe successful surgeon and now he’s basically a flunkie for this mad scientist–”  [off Taub’s look]  “–who saves lives, so that’s good!”
  • Kutner: “Why are you pushing a crash cart?”
    House: “Because patients sometimes crash, and they haven’t yet invented a crash tractor for me to drive wildly around the hallways.”
  • House [to coma patient]: “Good news, Mr. Limpert.  When you don’t die tonight, you will finally have done something good for the world, as opposed to your life as a…”  [checks chart]  “…fireman.”

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