castle 1×02: nanny mcdead

What I liked: Kate’s wardrobe is pretty great (loved that red coat) and, as someone living in a dormitory, I thought the banter about laundry room ethics was pretty funny.  I also liked the way Castle’s family life was fleshed out – his mom clearly comes from the Lucille Bluth school of parenting, and I’m also starting to take back what I said last week about Castle’s relationship with his daughter.  It’s actually pretty cute.

What I didn’t like: the pacing of this episode was just not good, to the point where despite the fact that the mystery story itself was decent, the episode did a really poor job of holding my attention.  I don’t know whether to blame this on the writer, the director, or what, but the bottom line is there’s already a glut on the market of quirky crime-solving dramas and if this one doesn’t improve, it’s not going to make it.  The chemistry between the leads is there, but that’s not enough to make a show work.

Nathan Fillion, this is not worthy of you.  Please get yourself cast in something better after Castle inevitably gets cancelled.  My roommate thinks (and I agree) that you could be the next Harrison Ford if only studio execs would notice you and start putting you in the right roles.

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