flight of the conchords 2×09: wingmen

Am I right in thinking there’s only one more episode left?  I can’t believe Conchords is almost over (at least, in TV show form).  Anyway, this week returned to the guys’ bizarre dating life, and it was Bret’s turn to see some action after Jemaine’s escapades with the Australian girl and the Art Garfunkel groupie.

This time Bret’s in love with a girl named Savannah who works in a pet store (thus a running sight gag throughout the episode of Bret and Jemaine’s apartment being full of the goldfish he keeps buying from her).  With help from Jemaine, Dave, and Mel, he employs a variety of sitcom-inspired strategies to win her heart, at one point wearing a kilt to the pet store while Jemaine and Dave give him advice through an oversized walkie-talkie (his codename is “Chicken Torso”).  Jemaine’s mugger friend from season one even makes an appearance – yay!  Eventually Bret and Savannah do get freaky together at the apartment, but the whole thing falls apart when she realizes he’s essentially been stalking her all this time.  Tough luck, guys.  Your relationships never seem to last longer than a single episode anyway.

Meanwhile, Murray and his assistant Greg were involved in a storyline that could have been lifted straight from Michael and Dwight in The Office (and I mean that as no criticism): Murray was struggling to win back the friendship of the truly oblivious Greg after unfairly blaming an office sandwich shortage on him.

Overall, not the greatest episode ever, but certainly not bad.


  • Dave: “Guys, women like three things: men in kilts, Southern comfort, and Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game.”
    Jemaine: “I think you’re oversimplifying women.”
  • Mel: “You know, Bret, when you love someone you need all the ammunition you can get to take them down.”

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