catching up part 2: comedies!

If the past week’s worth of TV drama was a big slice of chocolate cake, then the comedies were the swirl of whipped cream on top of the cake, which I have now slurped up with gusto.

Flight of the Conchords 2×08: New Zealand Town

Erm, the Prime Minister is still hanging around?  Apparently he’s now trying to establish a “New Zealand town” in NYC, complete with New Zealand’s most famous sheep, some Maoris, and a cool kiwi band.  So, to be cool enough to get the gig, Bret and Jemaine start experimenting with hair gel.  And get addicted to hair gel.  And substitute glue when they run out.  You can imagine the results.

The Office 5×17: Golden Ticket

Michael, Michael, Michael.  Willy Wonka is creepy.  You should have known that pretending to be Willy Wonka would turn out poorly.  And then setting Dwight up to take the fall for you?  Well, all I’ll say is that Michael deserved what happened.  Meanwhile, Jim, Pam, and Andy were all competing to give Kevin relationship advice, and it was a pleasure in the end to see him ask his crush out in his own Kevin way.  Nice to see Kevin succeeding at something for a change, I wish him well!

30 Rock 3×14: The Funcooker

Yay!  Liz’s Princess Leia costume is back!  Unfortunately, this time it doesn’t work to keep her off jury duty – instead it ends up almost burning down the building.  I actually thought this episode was kind of meh, other than Liz’s Princess Leia bits.  Tracy and Jenna are nuts, yes, we get it already.  Still, even mediocre 30 Rock is better than a lot of other things on television, so I’m not really complaining.

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