30 rock 3×13: goodbye, my friend

Pete, I’ve missed you!  Hornberger was finally given something to do in this episode, even it was mostly just following Liz around and nagging her about her poor life choices regarding the pregnant teenager she’d picked up in a donut shop.  Oh, Liz.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how you go about adopting a baby.

While Liz was not-so-subtly trying to manipulate Becca into offering Liz her baby, Jack went out with the guys in an attempt to get over Elisa and ended up bonding with (of all people!) Frank.  Who knew Frank almost went to law school?  He is a man of unexpected depths.  When Jack pulled some strings to give him a second chance at that law degree, he was barely recognizable in a suit with his hair neatly combed and no trucker hat.  In the end, though, both Jack and Liz had to give up on their latest pet projects: Becca’s boyfriend showed up, and Frank’s mother convinced Jack that he wasn’t meant for law school after all.

In conclusion, please continue giving the guys from the writers’ room actual roles in the plot.  Pete, Frank, Twofer and the gang are actually far more entertaining than the endless antics of Jenna and Tracy.  And hey… whatever happened to John Hamm as Drew?


  • Pete [to Liz]: “Donuts and bed?  What are you depressed about or celebrating?”
  • Jack: “Lemon, there was once a great American named George Henderson.  He met a woodland ape, or Sasquatch, and despite its dangerous message of environmentalism, became its friend.  When the time came to do the hard thing and send it back into the forest where it belonged and birds could perch on its shoulder because it was gentle, George Henderson summoned the strength and by God he did it.  Did it hurt?  You bet it hurt.  Like a bastard.  But he did it because it was the right thing to do for the woodland ape.  You think about that.”
    Liz: “What?  …Is that Harry and the Hendersons?”
  • Kenneth [on Tracy’s birthday wish]: “We’ve narrowed it down to own a Robocop, hunt that elephant that paints, or breakfast in bed.”

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