MORE hallucinations for booth?!

As if hallucinating about a famous hockey player and being visited by the ghost of an old army buddy weren’t enough, Booth is apparently going to be seeing even more things that aren’t real on the rest of this season of Bones, and his hallucinations will be caused by a “major health crisis.”


The previous Booth hallucination episodes, “Fire in the Ice” and “The Hero in the Hold,” have been… meh.  And if this all turns out to be health-related, it sounds like it’s veering dangerously close to Grey’s Anatomy dead Denny territory.  The only consolation is that the article promises us that the upcoming sex between Booth and Brennan is one thing that WILL be real.

I am not pleased.  As I put it to my roommate, House can get away with hallucinations and dream sequences and near-death experiences and whatnot because they’ve been incorporated into that show since the first season.  You kind of expect it.  Bones, on the other hand, has never done this kind of thing until now, and it’s jarring.


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