lie to me 1×05: unchained

First of all, I apologize for the increasing silliness of yesterday’s posts; this is apparently what happens when you combine marathon viewings of Buffy with a little too much coffee and not enough actual food.  Anyway, since House, Life, and Bones are all repeats this week, I decided that last night I’d check in with a show I’ve been watching that actually did have a new episode: Lie to Me.

This is basically another cookie-cutter show about a crime-solving savant, but it’s a genre I have a weakness for, and this particular variation is more watchable than some.  Tim Roth has a certain House-like magnificent bastard charisma, and I also have a lot of affection for Brendan Hines since he played Tyler on The Middleman.  Last night’s episode, like previous ones, followed two simultaneous cases: a convicted gang leader being considered for early release from prison, and a possible cover-up conspiracy among a group of firefighters.  (You can take a version of the racial bias test they gave the firefighters here.)

Can I just say, the scene with Cal eating a hamburger in front of the gang guy made me really hungry?  I’ve been a vegetarian for a couple months now and burgers are my one remaining weakness.  Anyway, I liked the cut from the explanation of the “self-hushing emblem” to the shot of Ria making the same gesture, but I’m less interested in her angsty backstory than in Cal’s mysterious past, so far only hinted at, and the relationship between Cal and Gillian.

Great use of the Johnny Cash song “Unchained” at the episode’s end.  Oh, and one more thing: the guy that played the dead firefighter’s grandfather was totally Antonio Fargas, who played Huggy Bear in the old Starsky and Hutch!


  • “I guess if someone’s got to teach her how to avoid her feelings, you’re the most qualified.”
  • “Initiation for you MIT mathletes was pretty hardcore, huh?”
    “You know, you make fun, but you try waking up in a shower stall with a killer hangover and a quart of macaroni salad shoved up your–“

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