things to do while waiting for a video to load

I love dodgy streaming video sites; they let me keep up with TV shows old and new despite the fact that I don’t actually, you know, own a television.  (Gasp!)  Sometimes, though, they can take a really, really long time to load.  I am currently sitting here waiting for the fourth season Buffy episode “The Harsh Light of Day” to be ready for my viewing pleasure, and it’s taking forever.  So, to pass the time, I decided to compile a smart-ass list of things to do while waiting.

  • Write a smart-ass blog post.
  • Get caught up on email and Facebook.
  • Start packing for my trip next week.
  • Study for my exam this afternoon… nah.
  • Sudoku.
  • Reorganize my music collection.
  • Sudoku.
  • Sort the towering pile of mail on the corner of my desk.
  • Sudoku.

Is it done yet???  I just want to enjoy me some Spike!



  1. […] things to do while waiting for a video to load […]

  2. i thought this was going to actually give me ideas.

  3. me too!!! not things YOU do!!

  4. this was amusingly witty but it didnt help me at all on wat i can do and i hate sudoko

  5. oi oi people, this just so happens to b pavlov’s cat’s blog, it dosn’t seem to b urs so i think that u should all stop being so selfish IT ISN’T ALL ABOUT U

  6. Not quiet what I was expecting

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