flight of the conchords 2×07: prime minister

Flight of the Conchords rarely disappoints, and last night was no exception.  One has to wonder, though, what (if anything) the actual government of New Zealand thinks of this show, because last night we were introduced to Brian, the Prime Minister of New Zealand – apparently he’s a fan of fondue and the Matrix, can’t tell a Barack Obama impersonator from the real thing, and carries cards with the name “John” on them because they were printed up for the last prime minister and the government can’t afford to just let them go to waste.  Hey, kids, this show is educational and fun!  If it weren’t for this I wouldn’t know anything about New Zealand’s head of state.  (For the record, it’s actually this guy.)

The other plot involved Murray finding Bret and Jemaine a gig as a Simon and Garfunkel tribute band (despite the fact that they apparently don’t know all the words to “Scarborough Fair” and think “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme” is supposed to be a shopping list).  Jemaine ends up dating a woman who’s only attracted to him when he’s wearing his Art Garfunkel costume… the reason for which is explained when Art Garfunkel turns up on her doorstep, pleading for her to give their love a second chance.  Yes, actual, real Art Garfunkel.  FotC, I’m officially impressed by your cool-surprise-guest-star-getting ability.


  • “Let me introduce you to two very talented young men!  This is Parsley, and this is Sage.  They filled in for the guys from Troubled Waters.  One of them had a bladder infection.”
  • [Murray has asked Bret to be the Prime Minister’s bodyguard while he’s in town]
    Bret: “Well, is there a New Zealand government gun?”
    Murray: “Yeah, but the army’s got that.”

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