dollhouse deserves a chance

Did anyone catch “Stage Fright,” the third episode of Dollhouse, last night?  If you’re in the U.S. you can see it on Hulu.

Full disclosure: I’m not a true Whedonite, because my attitude toward Buffy and Angel can best be described as “meh.”  But I loved Firefly, so I decided to give Dollhouse a chance, and after the pilot I was intrigued enough to keep going.

After three episodes, I think we’re starting to get a lot better idea of what this show is going to be.  The quirky Joss dialogue that some people missed in the pilot is creeping in, and the characters are becoming interesting (especially Boyd, who I absolutely love – his commitment to Echo makes him instantly sympathetic).  Plus in the last two episodes there have been some really great “gasp!” moments; last night’s episode, for example, was not clicking for me until the moment when Echo knocked out Rayna and said “Friends help each other out,” and I suddenly realized that this was actually about Echo protecting Sierra, not Rayna.

My one concern, to be honest, is Eliza Dushku.  The rest of the characters are perfectly cast, but her acting leaves something to be desired.  I can only hope she’ll grow into it as the show goes on.

All in all, I hope the suits at Fox give Dollhouse some time to find an audience and get on its feet – because especially with the news of who’s going to be playing Alpha (DO NOT CLICK if you don’t want to be spoiled), I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.


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