angel vs. spike

Today is Joss Whedon day, it would seem.  Roomie and I were discussing last night’s episode of Dollhouse, and we got on the topic of Joss’s habit of killing off major characters and how long it will be until someone on Dollhouse bites it.  This led to talk of the first important character to die on Buffy: Jenny Calendar, in season two.

I watched some Buffy last summer, but I only got through the first season and the first few episodes of season two – not quite to the whole Angelus storyline.  So I went back and watched “Passion,” the episode where Jenny dies, on Hulu, and now I’m following it up with the two-part season finale.

Buffy is definitely entertaining, in its cheesy way.  All the little pieces of Giles’s heart, when Jenny dies!  The relationship between Giles and Buffy is obviously the direct precursor of Boyd and Echo from Dollhouse.

Long before I ever sat down and watched my first episode of Buffy, I knew about it from hearing my friends talk about it.  Roomie and another friend are both big Buffy fans, and their conversations about it often centered on the debate over who’s better – Angel or Spike?  They’re both Spike fans, and on reflection I think I am as well.  I love me some David Boreanaz in Bones, but he was just so incredible awkward in his Buffy days.  Spike, on the other hand, is freaking awesome.

What’s the verdict, Buffy fans?  Angel or Spike?


  1. Angel + Buffy = awesome….I hated when he got his own show. Spike should have never fell in love with her

    • Hmm. Well, having only seen the first two seasons of Buffy my opinion definitely isn’t the best-informed ever. I think I just really like Spike’s sense of humor, though – to me, it makes him a lot more fun than Angel, who is so serious and angsty all the time.

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