top ten bones episodes

For some idiotic reason Fox has decided skip not one, but TWO weeks of Bones – two consecutive weeks of no new episode.  (Something about American Idol and President Obama messing up the TV schedule.  Whatever.)  I’m going through serious withdrawal from my favorite “romantic comedy set in the world of forensic anthropology,” so to make myself feel better I decided to compile a list of my ten favorite episodes thus far, in chronological order.

1.  Two Bodies in the Lab, Episode 1×15
Someone is trying to kill Brennan!  After Booth is injured by a bomb in Brennan’s refrigerator that was meant for her, Brennan is kidnapped by Jayne from Firefly (okay, it’s Adam Baldwin guest starring as a psychopathic killer).  When Booth learns she’s missing, he busts out of the hospital, broken ribs and all, and rescues her just in the nick of time.
Great B/B moments: Booth interrogating Brennan’s date; Booth and Brennan jamming to “Hot Blooded” together just before the exploding refrigerator incident; the two of them basically in each other’s arms after he rescues her; Brennan blowing off her date to keep Booth company once he’s back in the hospital

Her savior.

Her savior.

2.  The Man in the Morgue, Episode 1×19
On a trip to New Orleans to identify victims of Hurricane Katrina, Brennan wakes up in her hotel room covered in blood with no memory of the past day.  Booth comes to her aid, and when it turns out that someone Brennan was working with was murdered and she’s the prime suspect, they have to prove her innocence.  Also, this episode marks the first appearance of the awesome Caroline Julian.
Great B/B moments: Booth bursting into the examining room to make sure Brennan’s okay (you KNOW that when he heard what happened he freaked out, dropped what he was doing, and caught the first place from DC to New Orleans); Booth keeping evidence from the New Orleans police in an attempt to keep suspicion off Brennan

He needs to know she's okay.

He needs to know she's okay.

3.  The Woman in Limbo, Episode 1×22
Brennan’s mother, who has been missing since she was fifteen, is finally found: it seems her unidentified bones have been in storage in the Jeffersonian for years.  Together Brennan and Booth investigate her death.
Great B/B moments: Booth recognizing the image of Brennan’s mother and immediately calling to cancel her court appearance; Booth holding Brennan after their disturbing encounter with the pig farmer guy; Booth discovering that Brennan dedicated her new book to him

Holding her close.

Holding her close.

4.  The Woman in the Sand, Episode 2×8
Booth and Brennan travel to Las Vegas to investigate a murder there, and end up going undercover as Tony and Roxie, who are “engaged to be engaged.”  The case involves underground boxing, and “Tony” enters the ring.  Shirtless.
Great B/B moments: the look on Booth’s face when Brennan emerges from the bathroom wearing her sexy dress; Brennan running into the ring to hug Booth after he wins his boxing match; pretty much any time they’re being Tony and Roxy

Tony and Roxie, sitting in a tree...

Tony and Roxy, sitting in a tree...

5.  Aliens in a Spaceship, Episode 2×9
Brennan and Hodgins are kidnapped and buried alive by the mysterious Grave Digger.  Booth and the team must find them before their air runs out.  Number one best episode ever.
Great B/B moments: Booth telling the smarmy author what he’ll do to him if they don’t find Brennan alive; Booth running down that hill in that gorgeous tracking shot; Booth and Brennan grinning and gazing into each other’s eyes after he pulls her from the sand



6.  Death in the Saddle, Episode 3×3
Booth and Brennan investigate a murder at a “pony play” resort.  HILARITY ENSUES.
Great B/B moment: the last scene of the episode, where they’re in the diner and Booth gives his little speech about trying to break the laws of physics

"When two people become one..."

"When two people become one..."

7.  Baby in the Bough, Episode 3×12
A murdered woman’s infant son swallows a key that’s needed as evidence.  They baby’s fine, but Booth and Brennan have to look after him themselves until he, um, returns it.  MORE hilarity ensues.  “Dancing phalanges!”
Great B/B moment: Booth referring to Andy as “our little guy”; Booth trying to convince Brennan she should build a house in the town where they’ve been investigating – and imagining himself as part of her life there

And she can buy a big screen TV for them to watch!

And she can buy a big screen TV for them to watch!

8.  The Verdict in the Story, Episode 3×13
Brennan’s father is on trial for murder.  DUN DUN DUN!  Brennan comes up with a desperate plan to plant doubt in the minds of the jury – get Booth to suggest, while on the stand, that Brennan herself might be the murderer.
Great B/B moments: Brennan telling Booth that “sometimes she thinks he’s very nice”; the look on Booth’s face when he realizes he’s been manipulated into implicating Brennan in the murder (“That’s a lot of heart, Bones”); Booth holding a seriously freaked out Brennan while she waits on the courthouse steps to learn the verdict, unable to bring herself to go inside

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

9.  The Con Man in the Meth Lab, Episode 4×9
Booth’s brother Jared is in town.  He takes Brennan out on a date, and there’s a kiss, and naturally this leads to all kinds of tension.  Booth and Brennan have pretty much their biggest argument ever, but when Brennan learns the complicated history the brothers share – they were abused by their father – she realizes she’s been unfair to Booth and they reconcile.
Great B/B moments: Brennan declaring she will never again be distracted by “shiny baubles”; Brennan and Booth sharing a slice of cake on the bench in front of the bar

He needs time... but not space.

He needs time... but not space.

10.  The Passenger in the Oven, Episode 4×10
Okay, so it’s pretty improbable that when Brennan goes to China to identify ancient remains, Booth would be sent along to “protect sensitive equipment” she’s going to be using.  And it’s even more improbable that there would just happen to be a murder on the plane on the way there.  But that doesn’t stop this episode from being lots and lots of fun.
Great B/B moments: Booth having a sexy librarian fantasy about an oblivious Brennan; “Why do people always think we’re going to make out?”

Every man's dream?

Every man's dream?

What great episodes did I leave out?  Now, HOW many more days until the next new episode?  Images from Screencap Paradise, Bones Fans Online, and Brennan and Booth Fan.


  1. David is a totally underrated actor, I thought he was awesome in Angel. This is a really great top ten list, you can post this to our site and then link back to your site. We are looking for top ten lists and our users can track back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  2. booth and brennnan is such good couple i give them four thumbs up !!!

  3. Such a great list! I had missed some of these episodes so it was fun to watch them and to laugh so much. booth & brennan 4ever. haha.


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  6. Seriously, Aliens in the Spaceship…. the best episode ever.

    I think anyways I haven’t seen all of them but almost all of them.

  7. great picks on the best episodes. I totally agree with all of ur choices

  8. another good episode is when booth and brennan go undercover as a couple in a circus

  9. Omg they is just so much tension between them. i mean like for reals :)
    When bones gets a guy booth is all protective and when booth gets a girl (hanna) bones seems so sad and distant.
    And booth had admited to liking bones and she admited to liking him.
    I meant hook up already :)
    And btw – i hate hanna. she once like asked to have bones sunnies – who does that?

    • Seriously! I was speechless when Hannah asked for her glasses. When Booth proposed to Hannah, and she declined, I couldn’t help be filled with excitement even though you can see the pain Booth feels.

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  11. My favorite episode might actually be Night at the Bones Museum, season 5, episode 5. Not only was it about Egypt and mummies, the last scene was a very sweet and intimate one with heightened sexual tension. I KNEW that they wouldn’t be kissing, but it was so, so, so close, I had my fingers crossed. :) I loved how they were kiss interruptus, and instead Brennan straightened up Booth’s tie, and he then brushed her curl with his fingertips. And the eyesex…. a really good episode overall, and the Booth/Brennan tension was very well done!

  12. Great choice on the top ten, maybe you could update it to involve later series? but I <3 Booth and Bones moments the tension makes you sit on the edge of your seat!
    I also like double trouble in the panhandle 4X12 Brennan and Booth go undercover as a rissian knife throwing act, brilliant episode! :)

  13. You know what you forgot? when in 6×22 when the day after VNM dies and
    Bones: “last night I crawled into Booth’s bed.
    Angela: *With incredoulous and exited expression on face* “And what exactly happened in said bed?!”
    Bones: *smiles briefly, opens mouth to say something*
    Hodgins: *rushes into room*

    Or in 6×23, the biggest cliffhangar of all

    Bones: *to booth* Booth, I’m Pregnant. Your the father.
    Booth: *With stunned expression on face, begins to smile*
    People I have added to my “to Kill” list: *credits*

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  17. OMG I love bones!!! Booth and Brennan are so gonna end up together.
    And wat is with the glasses bones is wearing in the passenger in the oven picture?
    Go Bones

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  20. Season 5: Episode 12. Proof in the Pudding. Pretty awesome episode, one of my favorites.

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  23. I love this top ten list. Thanks so much for making it!

    While watching Woman in the Sand, however, I noticed that Booth doesn’t actually fight shirtless – he has an undershirt on. Very disappointing. :)

  24. you forgot aout the gormagon episodes!

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  27. What you missed was the entire season 7!!! There were so many REAL kisses… update plz

  28. don’t forget season 4 episode 26 “The End In The Beginning”. one of the greatest episodes ever done. granted it was an alternate reality but still very well done

    • I agree! Definitely one of my absolute FAVORITES!

  29. the best episodes of bones is season 6 episode 23 “the change in the game”. When Breannan told Booth she pregnet and Angela had her baby, and season 7 episode 7 when Breannan has her baby in a barn.

  30. I don’t think it was out when this list was first published, but if you love general Bones hilarity, you HAVE to watch “Double Death of the Dearly Departed”. I’ve seen every episode three times and this one easily takes the gold as most hilarious. “translated” (hahaha)

    • Love it! <3

  31. I <3 BONES
    New ep. on veteran day

  32. I really liked the 100th episode and there’s really great B/B stuff there.

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  34. where can i watch bones episodes?

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  36. you missed out S05E16 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole teh one where you learn how they first met

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  38. Patriot one where the victim turns out to have died in 9/11 is the best by far

    • I agree completely. It was what I think the most emotional episode. It is my favorite episode and It was our most horrific event in history. We shall never forget that dreadful day and I hope that stays that way. Great TV show!

  39. 2×12!!!

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