this is a bit creepy

First saw this ad on Hulu.  The One Laptop per Child foundation is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but… John Lennon is dead.  And using his voice and image like this is kind of creepy.


  1. More than creepy, the voice impersonation is horrendous. It’s god-awful. John’s voice in the Beatles cartoons (from the 60’s) was better than the voice in that commercial. Pathetic.

    • I’ve never seen the Beatles cartoon (is it worth watching?) but I was definitely shocked when I first saw this ad. The One Child per Laptop program is really great, and worth looking into if you’re not familiar with it, but whoever came up with this idea for an ad spot wasn’t thinking straight.

      • beatles cartoons were campy but kind of fun. they ran for 2 years in the mid 60s. i remember watching them as a kid (re-runs)

        you can watch them at youtube

        yeah, this ad campaign is awful

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